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Cupcake Love’s store front will be CLOSED until APRIL. However, I will be available for special orders (2 dozen minimum). You can contact me through my website, Facebook page or call 647-9000 to place an order.

Also, we are excited to announce that you will be able to special order all-occasion cakes during our hiatus (more info on this after the holidays). Thank you everyone for your continued support and (Cupcake) love!

See you in the spring!

life is sweet

My name is Shannon Lyon and my goal is to send your taste buds into cupcake nirvana! Cupcake Love will be offering gourmet cupcakes made fresh daily from the finest ingredients. You can look forward to jazzy flavors along with your traditional favorites. Cupcakes are the perfect dessert and I look forward to creating specialty and customized cupcakes for your next event.

All of my cupcakes are made from scratch with only the finest ingredients. I use Callebaut chocolate, pure Madagascar vanilla, the highest quality dairy and eggs, and unprocessed flour. I truly believe these ingredients make all of the difference. Our cupcakes taste homemade, and not like they have been mass produced or come from a box. I hope you will stop by soon and have a cupcake with me!

People Are Talking . . .

Tried the Chocolate Lovah for lunch and it was heaven! My husband loved Blueberry with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting!

- Kendra C.

The cookie dough cupcakes are truly amazing!!!!!

- Michelle H.

I went in for 1 and left with 5. Irresistible!

- Carrye R.

I have never had such yummy cupcakes! I had the strawberry shortcake and my daughter had purplicious!

- Alicia S.

The Toffee Cupcake was AAMAZING!!! The frosting..Oh my gosh!! SOO GOOD!!

- Josh T.

Fantastic cupcakes!! Definitely in cupcake love!

- Audrey N.

I stopped in for the first time yesterday, that chocolate raspberry was delicious, the filling, AMAZING!

- Melissa L.

Piña Colada . . . absolutely fantastic. We will be back for more!

- Laura O.

Simple Wisdom


All Sizes & Shapes

<i>Back to School</i> <i>Chocolate Salted Caramel</i> <i>German Chocolate</i> <i>Stepping Out Tonight</i> <i>Chocolate Malted</i> <i>Almond Joy</i> <i>Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough</i> <i>Butterfly Cupcakes</i> <i>Mixed Berry Shortcake</i> <i>Mocha Love</i> <i>Vanilla Love</i>

Let us make cupcakes for your next...



Wedding Shower

Baby Shower


School Function

Dinner Party

Business Meeting

Don't forget to place your orders for holiday themed cupcakes!

Cupcakes are perfect for holiday parties!

Once Upon A Time . . .

… the villagers of Brac-a-Bric were very hungry with no delicious treats to dine on after their savory morsels. Mayor Snodgrass knew this would never do because famished villagers sow the seeds of political unrest, and Brac-a-Bric didn't have time for such nonsense.

Fortunately, Snodgrass knew exactly where to turn: the occasionally persnickety baker Stewey Stewerson. Fabled for his alchemic knowledge and quick wit, Stewey knew exactly how to avert a civil crisis caused by a conspicuous lack of carbs. Cupcakes. Made with wholesome ingredients and lots of love, you'll find a way to keep the peace in your village with our sweet treats, too.